Just a Few Voters Can Make Difference

Fewer than one in four registered voters in Ohio County participated in the primary election last week. Democrats, Republicans and independents stayed home in droves, despite ample evidence from past elections than individual votes count.

There was more of it last week. On Monday, Ohio County commissioners met to canvass votes from the primary. Two candidates were especially interested.

The two, Dolph Santorine and Martin Sheehan, were seeking the Republican nomination for the House of Delegates from the 3rd District.

Unofficial vote totals last Tuesday night had incumbent Delegate Erikka Storch, R-Ohio County, winning one of the two GOP nominations from the 3rd District. At the end of the evening, Santorine appeared to have won the other nomination – but not by much.

On Monday, the canvass revealed Santorine had garnered 814 votes to Sheehan’s 809.

Six more people going to the polls and voting for Sheehan would have reversed the outcome. Just six more voters.

Single-digit votes margins are not uncommon in our area. They happen from time to time – and are reminders that your vote counts.