Making the Classic A Local Tradition

It is not uncommon for local residents to see their neighbors out jogging or running to keep in shape. But for the past few weeks, unfamiliar faces have been seen in outside their normal exercise routes. They are men and women running a little longer, a little farther, to get ready for today’s Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic.

Hundreds of runners, both local and from other areas, take the Classic very seriously. It is an opportunity to test oneself, not necessarily against other runners, in a feat of which few people are capable.

But long before runners began preparing for the race in earnest, dozens of volunteers were getting ready for the Classic and its many events, ranging from the Torch Relay to honor veterans to the Tiny Tot Trot for children.

Staging the weekend’s events is an intensive, demanding process. It can be frustrating and exhausting, as the volunteers know. Many have been involved for years.

Their reward is to do something the community looks forward to, and has for 38 years, now.

It is a team event, requiring volunteers to coordinate the events, local government employees including police officers to handle traffic and crowd control, specialists such as health care workers to ensure everything goes smoothly and dedicated sponsors who provide funding and other support. Without everyone in that team, the Classic would not be possible.

The Classic has been a tradition for many years. Involvement of people and organizations such as those who are making the event a success this year ensures the tradition will continue.Once again this year, Race Director R. “Scat” Scatterday and his team have done a truly impressive job of preparing for the Classic. They have earned the gratitude of thousands of people who enjoy the weekend’s events. On behalf of the community, then, we offer thanks for jobs done well.