Natural Gas Good Choice for Vehicles

Our area is producing large volumes of natural gas, but little is being done to utilize it as a vehicle fuel. The recent opening of a compressed natural gas station near Williamsport, Pa., serves only to highlight that void.

In Williamsport, the opening of Penn CNG Solutions came after its owners noticed that filling stations were located outside their market.

Such is the case locally, as the nearest CNG filling stations are about an hour away. There had been talk about a CNG station near Barnesville, but to date nothing has occurred.

What makes compressed natural gas attractive as a fuel is its price, currently at about $2 per equivalent gallon, compared to about $4 for gasoline.

The technology isn’t new: more than 12 million vehicles worldwide run on compressed natural gas. In the U.S., that number is about 100,000.

There are other benefits, such as reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. A station could make sense for the area.