Protecting Ourselves, Pets Against Rabies

In most years, two or three cases of rabies in wild animals are reported to the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department. During just 11 days this spring, two reports have come in.

Though rabies in humans can be treated effectively if detected soon enough, it is almost always fatal in dogs and cats. Protecting them against the disease is as simple as getting the animals vaccinated.

Because so few cases of rabies are reported these days, many pet owners neglect to have their dogs and cats vaccinated. The two reports of rabid raccoons in Ohio County during less than two weeks are cause to reconsider that attitude.

Rabies vaccine is relatively inexpensive. It can safeguard both your pets and you from potentially having to get treated for rabies, should your dog or cat come in contact with an infected wild animal. That very thing happened to the man whose dog fought with a wild raccoon in Triadelphia.

Getting pets vaccinated against rabies always is a good idea. Now, with what may be an increase in the disease locally, pet owners should consider it mandatory.