Recognizing Good, Swift Police Work

Within minutes of a bank robbery in Bridgeport on Tuesday morning, the suspect was in custody. That does not always happen in such situations.

But when local law enforcement agencies received the call at about 9:48 a.m., they swarmed into Bridgeport. Officers from that town, Martins Ferry, Bellaire and Shadyside, along with Belmont County sheriff’s deputies, responded.

They began an intensive search of the area and, thanks to a good description provided by bank employees, took a suspect into custody about four blocks from where the robbery occurred. A gun and the money from the bank were recovered.

The robber certainly made some mistakes. One was fleeing on foot.

Still, his apprehension was far from a forgone conclusion. Officers and deputies had to act quickly and effectively to find and arrest him.

Good police work, accomplished swiftly, was on display Tuesday in Bridgeport. All involved in apprehending the robber deserve praise.