Time to Move On At Bellaire Schools

Once again, Bellaire voters have said no to higher taxes for the village school district. Tuesday’s defeat, by a vote of 970 to 751, was the eighth time in four years that tax initiatives have been rejected.

At some point, you’d think school officials would get the message. Voters simply have not been convinced they need to pay higher taxes in order to ensure Bellaire students get good educations.

While balancing the district’s budget has required cutting back on some programs and reducing personnel, Bellaire schools still perform reasonably well, according to state standards. Only one district in Belmont County met a higher percentage of state standards than Bellaire’s 83.3.

And in per-pupil spending, only one district in the county outpaces Bellaire’s $7,452 a year.

Voters also may have been thinking about the fact that soon, the district will be able to make the last payment on about $3 million borrowed from the state. That will mean more money to be spent on Bellaire schools.

Eight rejections by voters ought to have sent a message to school officials. Frankly, we’d have thought five or six would have been sufficient.

But the message is clear: Stop asking for more money for Bellaire public schools. It’s time to move on.