Benwood Challenge Resolved Efficiently

What could have been an expensive mess to clean up in Benwood was resolved speedily and decisively by City Council this week.

When voters went to the polls in the May municipal election, those in the 1st Ward saw incumbent Councilman Chuck Terry’s name on the ballot. It wasn’t supposed to be there. Terry is in the midst of his term.

Incumbent Councilman Curtis Mele’s name was supposed to be on the ballot. Due to a mixup, it was not.

This week, council members voted unanimously to declare Mele the winner. That was made easier by the fact Terry didn’t want the victory. And, of course, some city residents cast write-in votes for Mele. All council did, in effect, was award the victory to the candidate with the most votes who wanted to be elected.

Resolving the situation could have been much more difficult. All involved are to be commended for their handling of the situation.