Make Wheeling Plan Simple, Appealing

Good for members of a committee preparing a new comprehensive plan for Wheeling, for insisting that it be easy to understand and informative. Too often, such documents are lengthy seas of bureaucratese that confuse rather than help the public.

Members of the special panel have been working with a consultant, Compass Point Planning, to prepare a plan for presentation to the Wheeling Planning Commission. In essence, the document will serve as a development blueprint for the city for years to come.

After reviewing a draft of the plan, committee members agreed last week it is not ready for presentation. They want more work done on it. Wordy writing, lack of cohesion and a dearth of visual aids such as maps were cited.

“Content-wise, almost every page could use some work. You’ve got to really hunt for some cherries,” explained Tom Connelly, assistant director of the city Economic and Community Development Department.

Nitpicking? Not at all. Interested Wheeling residents should be able to read the plan easily and understand what it means.