Moundsville Should Pursue ATV Rules

Surely Moundsville officials can write a city ordinance that cracks down on those who misuse all-terrain vehicles on city streets, without penalizing those who use ATVs appropriately.

Mayor Eugene Saunders asked City Council this week to take action regarding ATVs. He noted city officials have heard complaints from some people who fear someone will be injured as a result of riding the machines on streets.

“We’ve got to put a stop to it, somehow,” Saunders said of the problem.

He is absolutely right. A substantial percentage of people hurt in ATV accidents are involved in crashes on streets, highways and other paved surfaces. ATVs were not designed for high-speed use on pavement.

But Councilman Mark Simms expressed concern about the proposal. Banning ATVs on Moundsville streets would be unfair to those who use the machines properly, he said. Some city residents use ATVs to plow snow, he noted.

Simms is right – but an absolute ban is not necessary or appropriate. Again, city officials ought to be able to craft an ordinance that could allow proper use of ATVs, while prohibiting misuse.

Saunders should pursue his suggestion.

If nothing else, council could protect children by banning them on ATVs. No one needs to plow snow with a toddler on board, after all.