Hasten Replacement Of Moundsville Dock

If you want to put your pleasure boat into the Ohio River and perhaps dock it temporarily this summer, don’t go to the launch area at the end of 13th Street in Moundsville. State officials have ruled the dock cannot be used and must be replaced.

State Division of Natural Resources officials plan to remove the old dock and replace it with one that meets federal disabilities law standards. That will take time.

Because the dock is a state facility, bids for removal of it and construction of a replacement will have to be sought according to state law. A?DNR?spokesman said the agency “will be looking at construction of the new dock and removal of the old dock during the fall of this year or by the spring of next year.”

In other words, those enjoying the summer boating season should not be planning to use the 13th Street dock.

As anyone who has ever been involved with a state project knows, getting it underway, then completed, can be an excruciatingly long process. Rules are rules, after all.

In this case, DNR officials should push to have the project completed this fall. That won’t help boaters this summer, but it could ensure a new dock is available when they are ready to launch boats next spring.