Personal Fireworks Avoidable Danger

With Ohio Valley residents eager to join other Americans in celebrating Independence Day on Friday, fireworks dealers have been doing a booming business. The flash of small rockets exploding in the air and the noise of firecrackers going off on the ground will be noticed by many local residents tonight.

And on the Fourth itself, the pace will pick up as thousands of Northern Panhandle and East Ohio residents set off fireworks – some of them with enormous explosive power.

Let’s hope no one in our area is hurt because of misuse of fireworks or malfunctions in the pyrotechnics themselves.

Each year, thousands of Americans – many of them children – are hurt in fireworks accidents.

If you are determined to stage your own fireworks show, use common-sense precautions. Never let children set off fireworks or allow them to be in close proximity to devices that can harm them.

Better still, forego the personal pyrotechnics and enjoy one of the professionally staged fireworks shows tonight or tomorrow. Better the “oohs” and “ahhs” of a show handled properly than the screams and cries of someone hurt by a backyard show gone awry.