Politics, Not Charity, Is Union’s Priority

Most Americans are level-headed enough not to allow politics to become too personal. But some liberals seem intent on demonizing anyone who disagrees with them in any way.

Among the newest enemies of some liberal leaders is the United Negro College Fund.

For many years, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees – a powerful government workers’ union – has supported the UNCF. But that assistance will end, AFSCME?President Lee Saunders said a few days ago.

Why? The UNCF is a worthy cause, regardless of your political opinions. What did the organization do to anger union officials?

Just this: The UNCF has accepted a donation of $25 million from the Koch brothers, billionaires who also support a variety of conservative causes and candidates. Liberal leaders have attempted to demonize the Kochs.

Accepting money from them is a sin, Saunders seems to believe. So his union will stop helping the UNCF.

What was that motto the UNCF used for some time? Oh, yes:?”A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”