Stop Funding New Fiasco in Washington

The federal government is notorious for inefficiency and waste. But a monument to that in Washington has become so outrageous that many members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, want to cut or eliminate funding for it.

Not long after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America, the Department of Homeland Security was authorized to construct a new headquarters building in Washington.

Now, with the project a decade behind schedule and $1.5 billion over budget, the agency’s astonishingly brazen claim is that if Congress does not provide more funding, taxpayers’ money will be wasted.

This is a bipartisan fiasco, begun during the presidency of Republican George W. Bush and continued by his successor, Democrat Barack Obama. It is a demonstration that the bureaucracy runs the government – and will do what it pleases.

Congress should just say no. Lawmakers should agree on a reasonable amount of money to wrap the project up, if not complete it. Then they should stop bowing to the agency’s demands.