Working Together On School Board

Monday night’s meeting of the Marshall County Board of Education was anything but amicable.

Board members elected Beth Phillips as their new president – but by a vote of 3-2. That result did not sit well with board member Lori Kestner, who was on the losing side of the vote.

“Am I disappointed? Absolutely,” Kestner told fellow board members. Citing her contributions to the school system, she added, “I think I have to evaluate if this is a group of people I can work with.”

Kestner indeed has done much for Marshall County schools – some of it, as she pointed out, discreetly enough that other board members may not have been aware of her work.

But for one reason or another, a majority of board members chose Phillips as president. For at least the next year, she will serve in that position.

Among her top priorities should be repairing the division among board members. It is not essential – sometimes not desirable – that everyone on a public body be in agreement all the time. But personal differences should not get in the way of working together for the good of students in Marshall County schools.