Address Flooding On National Road

It says something about flooding of a section of National Road in Wheeling that one business owner has sand bags ready to keep the water out of his facility. It says something more that some homeowners have had to pump water out of their basements and clean up stinking mud repeatedly because of the problem.

A downpour Tuesday night and early Wednesday brought the water up again, possibly from two sources. A section of National Road had enough water on it that Wheeling police closed it to traffic for a time.

As Garrett Daniel, owner of Spic and Span Cleaners, told our reporter, he was ready when he heard at about 2 a.m. Wednesday that the water was rising. He placed sandbags at the doorway to keep all but a little seepage of water out.

Tom and Barb Leonard of Mount de Chantal Road were not as fortunate. Their daughter, Crystal Jozwick, described “a geyser, 3 feet high” of water coming out of a basement drain. “It isn’t just water. The water is dark brown with feces … I realize the problem is due to flooding, but there’s a problem with the sewer lines and the city won’t correct it,” she added.

Some of the flooding may have been due to water backing up through storm sewers, but it appears overflow from Long Run also contributed to the problem.

It is impossible to prevent all flooding in some places, especially when torrential rains hit. But the frequency of flooding in that area of Wheeling should prompt city and perhaps state officials to take a look at the situation.

One action that might help would be to dredge Long Run in that area, some residents say.

Another could be to ensure sanitary and storm sewers affecting the area are separated, if that has not been done already.

Situations such as that in the Woodsdale section of Wheeling can be among the biggest headaches local government officials have to face. Again, however, the problem is a recurrent one – and residents and businesses affected by it deserve some relief.