Forcing Obama To Obey the Law

President Barack Obama has made it clear that when he disagrees with the law, he will not enforce it. And when Congress will not pass a law he wants, the chief executive simply issues an executive order that, in effect, creates White House law.

Far from being reluctant to go beyond the limits of the presidency as clearly expressed in the Constitution, Obama actually brags about extending the power of his office in ways that would have worried and angered the nation’s founders.

Someone needs to take the lead in reining in this most imperial of presidents.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey decided last week to do just that. His office has filed a lawsuit in federal court, challenging the president on the issue of, as Morrisey put it, “cherry-picking which laws his administration will enforce.”

No other state has filed a similar lawsuit. That puts Morrisey – and West Virginia – out in front in a battle that affects every American, now and in the future.

It is to be hoped other states will support the lawsuit. Even if they do not, however, Morrisey should pursue it with the utmost vigor.