Getting Wheeling Public Involved

Wheeling City Council members, representatives of the police department and other local officials make time regularly to attend public meetings such as those of Neighborhood Watch groups.

But all too frequently, officials find themselves discussing important problems with just a few people.

Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger expressed his frustration about that during a community meeting in Woodsdale this week.

One member of the public showed up.

“What can we do to get people to come to these meetings?”?Schwertfeger wondered aloud. Important matters, such as what to do about drug trafficking, are discussed, he added.

One suggestion, by Councilman David Miller, was to offer special programs such as demonstrations of police dogs to attract more people to the meetings.

Miller’s is a good idea, on which city officials should expand. A few dollars spent on such programs and, perhaps, refreshments could pay off through better involvement by the public in Wheeling.