Hats Off to School Board Member

Many people who know Ohio County Board of Education member Timothy Birch cannot recall ever seeing him without his trademark hat. He wears it constantly, everywhere.

But not at this week’s board meeting, during which Birch was not wearing the hat.

At first, the new board member resisted suggestions he should not wear the hat during meetings. Some board members appeared supportive of that stance.

Still, at least one fellow board member pointed out that because of his position, Birch serves as something of a role model for students, who are not permitted to wear hats or caps while inside Ohio County school buildings.

It should not have come as a surprise that Birch, who is a role model for young people in so many ways, changed his mind. In doing so he has set an example in more ways than one. Dare we say he used his head in making his decision?

Good for Birch! He did the right thing and deserves to be commended for it.