Stamp Deserves Honor From Peers

U.S. District Judge Frederick P. Stamp?Jr. is regarded highly for his quiet yet strong presence on the bench, as well as for his ability and dedication to the law. Here in his home community of Wheeling, those who know him respect him for community leadership of various types – and for who he is.

Often, people who know Stamp sum him up with a single word: “gentleman.”

That means much, much more than someone who possesses all the social graces, of course. It means a man whose bearing and treatment of others entitle him to their respect.

It should have come as no surprise, then, that the West Virginia Bar Association has presented Stamp with its Award of Merit.

As we explained in a story about the honor, it is not given lightly. It is an expression of extremely high regard by lawyers and judges. Only one other Northern Panhandle resident has received the award. He was the late Judge Thomas B. Miller, who served for a time as a justice of the state Supreme Court.

Past the age when some judges retire, Stamp has no plans to step down from the bench. Good. His service is good for his community and state – and reflects well on his profession.