Clinton’s Denials Are Not Believable

An investigation revealing that donors to Hillary Clinton’s family foundation appeared to have been given an inside track to personal contact with her while she was secretary of state is being dismissed by the presidential candidate.

Investigative reporters with The Associated Press found that well over half the people with whom Clinton met or talked by phone while she was at the State Department had made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. They gave as much as $156 million.

“A lot of smoke, no fire,” Clinton said of the report. “Absurd,” she added.

Of course, Clinton has had other things to say about her time as secretary of state, while she was illegally using private computer servers to handle her emails.

She wanted to use just one electronic device, she said. Photographs show her using multiple devices.

She didn’t know what she was doing was improper, she said. She was briefed by the FBI about State Department servers for her emails, and signed an agreement to comply with the rules.

Once the FBI launched an investigation, Clinton said she had turned all her official emails over to the agency. Not true, FBI Director James Comey said.

In fact, the agency continues to discover more and more emails Clinton tried to withhold. Another trove of about 14,900 was revealed this week.

In any event, she never used the personal servers for emails including information deemed secret by the government, Clinton said. Not true, Comey has stated.

So, whether you believe the AP’s story comes down to credibility, with a 170-year-old, worldwide news organization relied on by hundreds of millions of people on one side …

And Hillary Clinton on the other.