Drone Could Help Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement officers surrounding an Elm Grove home Tuesday morning had many reasons to be apprehensive. They knew a man with a gun was inside.

Sadly, it appears he took his own life. Members of a SWAT team found his body when they entered the house.

In preparing to do that, the police officers received some valuable help. A small radio-controlled aircraft, the kind commonly referred to as a drone, was used to get a closer look at the dwelling without endangering any officers. It was taken to the scene by a Marshall County sheriff’s deputy.

Neither Wheeling police nor the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department have a drone. One of the agencies should look into obtaining the equipment.

Drones need not be very expensive. Five hundred dollars or less would buy one. That would give local law enforcement agencies a very useful, potentially life-saving alternative to placing human beings at risk in order to get a better look at a possibly dangerous situation.


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