Making Herself A West Virginian

She may be a native of the Old Dominion, but Virginia “Ginny” Thrasher is now a West Virginian. We’ve adopted her. Thrasher, of Springfield, Va., claimed the first gold medal handed out at the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. She won a rifle shooting competition. While hitting the bullseye time after time, Thrasher wore her West Virginia University Rifle Team uniform, changing into U.S. Olympic Team colors for the medal ceremony. In television interviews, she repeatedly cited her membership on the WVU team and mentioned she was looking forward to going back to classes at the university later this month. She will be competing again this week. We wish her good luck and good shooting. Most of the time, WVU’s Marching Band is known as the Pride of West Virginia, and deservedly so. But this week, the musicians may have to share the title with Thrasher.