Saving Photographs Damaged in Floods

As all too many Ohio Valley families are painfully aware, some of the worst damage floods can do is emotional. Loss of furniture and appliances is bad enough. Repairing water-soaked homes can be expensive. But those are replaceable things with monetary value.

When boxes full of old family photographs, perhaps the only images existing of beloved parents or grandparents, are covered with muddy water, the damage can be permanent and wrenching.

That is why some of the most praiseworthy, gratifying work being done to help flood victims in southeastern West Virginia is coming from an organization in El Dorado, Kan.

It is Operation Photo Rescue a group that has restored about 12,000 photographs damaged in floods and other disasters since 2006.

As many as 20 flood-damaged photographs per family will be restored at no cost to them. Operation Photo Rescue relies on donations to provide the service.

Much of what is lost in floods can be replaced. Bless the Kansans for helping our neighbors in the Mountain State to save at least some of their truly priceless memories.