Maintaining Close Alliance With Israel

In public, President Barack Obama has been exceedingly, commendably courteous toward President-elect Donald Trump.

But in handling public affairs, it has been a different story. Since Trump won the election, Obama has been pushing to implement both domestic and international agendas with which the president knows Trump disagrees. The announcement the Environmental Protection Agency would move forward with its controversial Stream Protection Rule was on example.

A week ago, Obama gave U.S. representatives to the United Nations an order that shocked many in the international community.

For many years, the U.N. Security Council has been dominated by countries that are enemies of Israel. That country, the only real democracy in the Middle East, has been American’s only steadfast ally in the region.

So for many years, this country’s delegates to the U.N. have been instructed to veto anti-Israel resolutions in the Security Council.

But a week ago, a resolution condemning Israel for an alleged “flagrant violation” of international law was approved in a 14-0 Security Council vote. The U.S. delegate abstained – specifically refusing to veto the resolution.

Clearly, that refusal was by Obama’s order. It interrupted a longstanding practice by U.S. officials, of standing by the Israelis. Predictably, officials in that country were furious.

Trump has vowed to stand by Israel. Good. No one, including the Jewish nation’s enemies, should doubt our nation will not break faith with the people of Israel — no matter what mischief our outgoing president attempts to create.


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