Making New Year Happy for Everyone

Two items in last Sunday’s News-Register caught our attention:

Jim Cochran’s Marshall Memo column related the story of “The Caring Tree,” a program established about 30 years ago by Kathy Shreve. Her goal was and is to ensure that Marshall County children whose parents are of limited means get some nice things for Christmas.

In 30 years, Shreve has never had to say “no” to parents who needed help for their children, Cochran reported. The community has never failed to come through.

The second item was a story about The Coat Closet of Belmont County, a program to ensure all children and adults have warm coats for the winter.

On Dec. 3, we had to report the program was running short of coats, to the point it might have to close by the end of December.

Immediately, help flowed in. It included more than $2,000 in donations, plus a shipment of coats from someone in Florida.

“It’s unbelievable,” volunteer Margaret Paolucci told reporter Joselyn King. “Every day in the mail comes something.”

Especially during the Christmas holidays, stories such as those are common in local newspapers. They say something about Northern Panhandle and East Ohio residents – about many good people throughout our great nation, for that matter.

“Happy new year,” we sometimes say. How much more likely is that to happen, because of the compassion we view time and time again in the Ohio Valley?


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