Flexibility Key To Parking Rules

Not everyone can afford a nice paved driveway or even an asphalted parking pad in the front yard. Weirton City Council members should keep that in mind.

An ordinance calling for new regulations on those who park vehicles on unpaved areas of their property was approved by council this week, but only by a 4-2 vote.

Even some of those who voted in favor of the measure expressed reservations. One “aye” vote, Councilman Enzo Fracasso, noted that “in some areas, where the roads are narrow, it may cause difficulties.” Councilman Terry Weigel, who opposed the ordinance, pointed out that if it prompts some people to park vehicles on narrow streets instead of on their lots, public vehicles such as sanitation trucks and emergency responders could find it difficult to drive through.

The plan “is not out to get everybody,” commented city Chief Code Officer Ken Fletcher.

Plans are for the city Inspection Department to write specific guidelines for the proposed rules. Then, perhaps in about six months, council members can discuss the issue again.

Good. Nothing should be put in place until council has had the opportunity to review the proposed rules and get input on them from Weirton residents.

In some areas, enforcing any such rule simply may not make sense either for city residents or others who must use streets. Flexiblity may be the key to making the proposal work for Weirton residents.