Saving Moundsville Four Seasons Pool

The twists, turns, starts and stops involving Moundsville’s Four Seasons Pool during the past year make it clear that nothing can be taken for granted regarding whether city officials will decide to save the pool or retire it.

For now, however, the tide seems to have shifted back to spending the substantial amount of money needed to repair and renovate the pool. During a City Council meeting last week, several people urged the facility be kept open.

It was pointed out earlier this month that the pool is a drain on city finances, costing as much as $217,468 a year to keep it in operation.

But Mayor Eugene Saunders agreed with sentiments of some of those at last week’s meeting. The pool never was meant to be profitable, he noted. It was intended to provide a valuable service to area residents.

Council members would be right to continue providing that service, in our opinion. That said, they also should examine operations at the facility, perhaps rethinking what outside groups and organizations are charged to use it, in an attempt to make the pool as nearly able to stay afloat on its own as possible.