We Are Losing War on Drugs

A student at Central Elementary School in Moundsville was selling marijuana to classmates earlier this year, police say.

Let that sink in for a moment. A child, probably no more than 10 or 11 years old, was selling an illegal drug to other youngsters.

If you did not realize it before, you should now: Drug abuse is a crisis in our area. Nothing should take precedence over taking it on and defeating it — if that is possible.

Police arrested David Anderson, 23, of Moundsville, with whom the child lived. Inside the home, officers say they found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, three oxycodone pills and a list of names.

The youngster’s case was referred to Child Protective Services.

On the very same page on which we reported that story was another sobering article. It reported that the Ohio County Board of Education has approved stocking Narcan at Wheeling Park High School and the county’s middle schools.

Narcan is an antidote used to treat people who have overdosed on opioid drugs.

Substance abuse has killed hundreds of West Virginians and Ohioans. It has ruined the lives of thousands. It has wrecked families.

We say we are doing everything in our power to battle the scourge.

It isn’t enough.