Ensuring Drillers Are Good Neighbors

At county Engineer Amy Zwick’s urging, Monroe County commissioners are taking steps to ensure the oil and gas drilling boom is a blessing, not a curse, to local residents.

A variety of new requirements are being placed on drillers and those hauling equipment to and from well sites. In essence, they allow county officials to monitor activity better and ensure that if roads are damaged, those responsible at least help pay for repairs.

In addition to the county-level action, commissioners agreed to a program that should help townships deal with oil and gas traffic on their roads.

Many companies involved in the oil and gas industry try hard to be good neighbors. More than a few roads in our area, on both sides of the river, have been repaved at drilling company expense.

But a few mavericks are not so conscientious. They give the entire industry a bad name — and make some local residents wonder why the scofflaws are not held to account. Monroe County’s action makes that more likely to happen.