Making Position On Pool Clear

Given the many months in which what to do with the Four Seasons Pool was the subject of seemingless endless meetings and discussions, it probably is no surprise that some Moundsville residents remain uncertain of city officials’ commitment to keeping the facility open.

Good for Mayor Eugene Saunders for putting any speculation to rest.

During a City Council meeting this week, Saunders made it clear there has been no meaningful wavering on the decision a few months ago to keep the pool open. “Our intention is to save Four Seasons Pool, by any means,” he emphasized.

Good. A substantial number of Moundsville residents have made it clear they want the city to invest whatever it takes to keep the pool in operation. And, as we remarked many months ago, the facility is an asset to the city in economic development terms. It makes Moundsville a more attractive place to live for people moving to our area to take advantage of jobs in the Ohio Valley.

Given the potential for construction of a new ethane cracker plant just across the river in Belmont County, that is far from an academic consideration.

Making necessary repairs and renovations to the pool will not be easy for city officials. The project is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, though City Manager Deanna Hess has informed council a substantial amount of money may be saved by using city employees for some of the work.

It is true that related issues — specifically, a proposal that the city establish a small campground at the Riverfront Park — remain up in the air. Some city officials hope that could bring in new revenue for the parks and recreation department.

But as Saunders stressed this week, the two are separate matters. The Four Seasons Pool issue has been settled, and that is a good thing for Moundsville.


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