Some Pushers No Better Than Killers

Occasionally, we call on prosecutors and judges to punish certain criminals harshly. Because suggesting someone go to prison for a long time is a very serious thing, we usually explain why we believe lengthy sentences are appropriate.

Not this time. There really is no need to explain why a certain class of dealers in illegal drugs should be treated as murderers.

They are.

Last week, we had to report that six people in Bellaire had overdosed on illegal drugs during the span of a few days. Two of them died.

As Bellaire Police Chief Mike Kovalyk noted, one of the deaths left some children without their mother. The other deprived youngsters of their father.

Overdose deaths are nothing new. But in the past, they often resulted from addicts taking too much of a substance such as heroin.

Now, some pushers are dealing in heroin adulterated with various other chemicals, often substances that are extremely toxic. It wil be no surprise if Bellaire police learn the overdoses in their town involved fenanyl or some other additive.

Pushers know some of what they sell is much more dangerous than unadulterated heroin. Yet they continue to profit from it.

They should be caught and treated like the murderers they are.


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