End Delay in Tests Involving Death

It has been more than a year since the body of 15-year-old Kyle Morgan, of Moundsville, was found under the Fort Henry Bridge in Wheeling. His family wants answers concerning how he died. So do Wheeling police.

A coroner ruled Morgan’s death was a homicide. A full autopsy was performed and important forensic tests were conducted. Material gathered was sent to the state crime lab.

Wheeling police still have not seen results of those tests.

We understand technicians at the state lab are overwhelmed with work. And obviously, law enforcement agencies throughout the state want priority given to their testing.

But Morgan’s death may have been a result of murder. If so, the trail leading to a suspect or suspects already is growing cold. Results of those tests could help lead police to the truth. At the very least, they could prevent investigators from following false leads.

Results of forensic tests involving Morgan’s death should be pushed to the top of the state lab’s priority list. Delaying the work this long is inexcusable. Holding it up any longer would be intolerable, in the literal sense of that word.