Pine Grove Needs Help From State

Imagine knowing that every time you flush a toilet in your home, raw sewage will be sent pouring into a local stream. Even worse, think about living beside that open sewer.

Pine Grove residents don’t have to imagine that scenario. They have been living it for about two months, since the town’s sewerage system began malfunctioning.

It is not that municipal officials have not tried to correct the problem. They have, and with a gratifying amount of help. Dominion Resources purchased some new equipment. The mayor of Hurricane, in Putnam County, sent five employees with expertise to assist. MarkWest energy company has been helping out.

Yet the problem persists. By the way, it has occurred during the same period the town’s water system broke down and flash floods hit a large section of the community.

Neither the state nor the federal government has money to help, Pine Grove officials have been told.

Give us a break. Surely, somewhere in Charleston or Washington, there are funds earmarked for small towns in just such straits as Pine Grove.

Gov. Jim Justice’s office might be a good place to start in obtaining such help. Here’s hoping he can find a way to assist Pine Grove residents, who have had more than their share of suffering during the past few weeks.