Turn in Dealers With Fentanyl-Laced Drugs

We suspect most Ohio Valley residents got past the stage of believing drug abuse was someone else’s crisis years ago. It is not. It has reached the epidemic stage right here, as a story in the Saturday newspaper made clear.

During a three-hour period on Aug. 3, emergency responders in Ohio County were called to deal with nine people who had overdosed on crack cocaine. It is entirely possible all nine would have died had police, sheriff’s deputies, ambulance crews, doctors and nurses not treated them.

It is believed the crack cocaine responsible had been mixed with fentanyl, a chemical blamed for many overdose deaths.

Let us hope and pray the drug dealers selling the deadly mixture can be found and arrested quickly. Otherwise, people will die from their “product.” Count on it.

Drug addicts almost never help police apprehend pushers, for obvious reasons. In this case, though, customers should turn the dealers in — purely in self-defense.