Accelerate Local Repaving Project

Good for state Division of Highways officials for finding enough money in the agency’s budget to repave the section of W.Va. 88 known as Bethany Pike in Wheeling.

But along with our gratitude, motorists who use the road may be tempted to add a request: Hurry up.

Scheduled to begin Monday, the project includes repaving of W.Va. 88 from its intersection with National Road out to the intersection with Warden Run Road. Some work on a sidewalk adjacent to the highway is planned.

Current plans call for the work to be completed by Nov. 17. That could be a problem.

Inevitably, because of the heavy use of that section of highway, traffic jams will occur. That would happen at any time of the year. It is part of the price we pay for keeping the road in good condition.

But the Festival of Lights at Oglebay Park begins Nov. 10 this year. Any veteran of what some refer to as “lights traffic” understands the challenge there.

The repaving project has the potential to create nightmarish traffic jams during the lights festival.

Let us hope the DOH and the project contractor can find some way to accelerate the work so it can be completed before Nov. 10. If that cannot occur, some means of avoiding problems during the evening hours, when the flow of cars and trucks — many driven by out-of-town residents not expecting to drive through a construction zone — to and from the park is heaviest, should be devised.

Again, thanks to the DOH for scheduling the project, but please, make it go quickly.