Solving Odor Issue at Landfill

Complaints about foul odors emanating from the Apex Sanitary Landfill in Jefferson County are nothing new. Though the company has taken steps to address the issue, it is a continuing headache for the Jefferson County Board of Health.

Resolving the problem may require intervention by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, which has been involved in the past. But when local health board officials wanted to discuss the issue face-to-face with OEPA representatives, they were told that would not be possible.

Health board members met Tuesday, and the landfill was on their agenda. They had invited OPEA representatives to attend, but county health department environmental director Marc Maragos said state agency officials refused to do so.

“They are willing to discuss questions during a telephone conference call, or we can submit a list of questions in writing,” Maragos added.

At his suggestion, health board members may put their questions about the landfill in writing and send them to Columbus. Let us hope the local officials can make the OEPA understand the importance of the problem — something that might have been easier had the agency sent someone to the health board meeting.

Since Aug. 1, nearly 100 complaints about odors from the landfill have been received, it was reported at the meeting. Clearly, the problem has not gone away. Far from it.

It needs to be resolved. OEPA officials, who are busy like so many of the rest of us, may not have been able to make time to get to the Tuesday meeting in Jefferson County. They need to make time to help the county health department address the problem.


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