Find New Home For Post Office in Cadiz

Federal officials have revealed they plan to place a modular structure in Cadiz, to serve as a U.S. Post Office for residents of the village and surrounding area. That is a good first step toward ensuring good service is provided to residents and businesses in the area.

Operations at the old post office building had been terminated last summer, when it was found structural problems made the facility unsafe. Since then, Cadiz-area residents have had to travel to Jewett if they needed to transact business at a post office.

Good for Cadiz Mayor Ken Zitko, Village Council and U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, for prodding Postal Service officials to resolve the problem, at least temporarily.

But — and the sooner, the better — a permanent location for the Cadiz Post Office should be found. The village is the Harrison County seat, and it and area residents deserve better than a temporary facility to handle their mailing needs.