Letting Officials Do Jobs Without Fear

Only about three weeks after Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. was shot outside the courthouse in Steubenville, Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin left her office there and was walking toward her car.

Jami Anderson, 29, upset about a case in which Hanlin was involved, approached the prosecutor. She began yelling threats at Hanlin.

Police arrived quickly and arrested Anderson. This week, she was sentenced to spend a year behind bars for attempting to intimidate a public official.

Anderson seems remorseful. And, as her attorney pointed out, she has a serious drug and alcohol problem.

Still, sentencing her to a stiff term in prison and jail was the right thing to do.

Public officials, especially those involved in law enforcement, must be able to do their jobs without fear. Putting Anderson behind bars may deter others from attempting to use intimidation to get their way.