Moundsville Council Right in Pool Decision

Good for Moundsville City Council in voting to go ahead with repairs to the Four Seasons Pool. Just as important, good for them for making it clear they stand united on the matter.

Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to proceed with a $190,399 contract to install a new heating, ventilating and air conditioning system at the pool. That came after City Manager Deanna Hess said the local health department has informed her that unless the HVAC system is repaired or replaced, the pool will have to be closed.

Moving ahead comes after many months of discussion and sometimes, argument about whether to spend as much as $800,000 to repair the pool, change it to a seasonal facility or close it entirely.

But on Tuesday, council put that behind them with the unanimous vote. That unity, as much as anything, bodes well for the future of the all-weather pool.