Super 6 Events Important to Area

From throughout the Mountain State, thousands of football fans have come to Wheeling for the annual Super Six Championship games this weekend. While they are here, they will provide an impressive boost to our area’s economy and, we trust, go home with better understanding of our region than they might have had otherwise.

For many years, the state championship football games have been held in Wheeling, despite the efforts of other communities to sponsor the events. That is so for a variety of reasons.

In the end, they amount to an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Volunteers who work directly with Super 6 activities have dedicated themselves to providing the best experience possible for young athletes and those who support them.

Sponsors who provide the necessary funds, assistance and material aid understand that, by doing so, they are helping our community — and being part of something truly special.

It certainly is.

Those responsible for Super Six weekend deserve enormous credit for what they have accomplished. They are responsible for an unparalleled winning streak that, if this version of the championship games is any indication, shows no sign of ending.