Give Volunteers Credit for Efforts

It is understandable that when the safety of children is at issue, emotions may run strong. They did last week during a Wheeling Traffic Commission meeting during which use of a street in the Fulton neighborhood by large trucks was debated.

“If we end up with a dead child, it is on your hands,” one woman told members of the commission.

Differences of opinion should be expected by anyone who serves on a public board or commission of any kind. But, as one traffic commission member reminded the woman, “We are all volunteers.”

That is true of hundreds of area residents who give their time and energy to make our communities, counties and schools better. Almost all serve without pay. Rarely are the sacrifices they make acknowledged.

With some regularity, they take abuse, sometimes severe, from those they serve. That is unfortunate. It also is unfair.

Disagree with them if you will. We have, at times. But recognize, too, that these men and women deserve credit for trying their best, often at personal sacrifice, to do the right thing for our communities.