Money-Saving Idea Worthwhile

Bellaire officials simply cannot afford to be paying $8,000 a year to rent a computer that is virtually useless. Acting Police Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan is right to suggest it be eliminated.

Flanagan’s other idea, to do away with parking meters altogether, may require some thought. As matters stand, with many of the village’s meters not in operable order, it is worth considering, however.

During a recent village council meeting, Flanagan discussed the Leeds computer system, for which the municipality pays $8,000 in rent. At one time, it was used to check vehicle license plates, for purposes of issuing parking tickets.

Now, however, because so many meters are not functional, the system is obsolete, Flanagan told council. By removing it, “we’ll save the village about $8,000 in rent,” he noted.

Flanagan went on to suggest council remove all parking meters from Bellaire streets. A meter attendant could guard against people leaving vehicles parked for long periods of time by chalking tires and checking periods of time that have elapsed since vehicle tires were marked, he explained.

There was some discussion of the proposal, but no action was taken. Again, implementing it would require some thought and planning.

Flanagan’s idea on the Leeds computer is a no-brainer, however. It is an ongoing expense, both for renting the equipment and having police officers trained on it — and the system apparently is of little use to the village. Council members ought to be delighted to save the $8,000 rent by sending the computer back to the vendor.