N. Korea Rejects Chance to Talk

With the Winter Olympics in South Korea history, the process of counting the medals has begun.

Give Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump a gold medal for trying. But recognize, too, that they had no competition: North Korea’s “team” didn’t show up for the event.

South Korean officials had hoped Pence’s attendance at the games could be used to arrange a back-channel meeting to discuss concerns over North Korea’s aggressive arms buildup. So, they arranged for a meeting among U.S. officials, including Pence, and North Korean representatives. Obviously, by the very nature of such an unofficial, off-the-record talk, something might have been accomplished.

Reportedly, North Korean officials agreed — then backed out of the meeting.

Of what were they afraid? That a meeting might prove Pyongyang has been lying in its claims U.S. officials are not trying to resolve differences between the two countries?

Pence did give it his best shot. Unfortunately, it was at an empty net.


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