Proposal Should Go Up in Smoke

In authorizing sale of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, for medicinal use, West Virginia legislators had the good sense to stipulate the smokable version of the weed would not be available. Now, an advisory board plans to recommend that ban be rescinded, in effect.

That is crazy, not to mention irresponsible.

Many law enforcement and health care officials worry that even the availability of marijuana in any form for health care reasons could aggravate the state’s existing drug abuse crisis.

Allowing sale of smokable marijuana would make that situation even worse, for obvious reasons.

Members of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board are working on a framework for permitting people to purchase the drug for health-related reasons.

This week, they agreed to suggest marijuana be available in plant or dry leaf form. The ban on smoking it would remain. Advisory board members say dry leaf or plant marijuana could be used in a vaporization machine.

Give us a break. How many users will look at the “vape only” warning, chuckle, then light up?

If the recommendation on smokable marijuana is an indication of the board’s thinking, state officials may want to find a new group of advisers.