Taking School Threats Seriously

Tension was high in Bridgeport public schools Monday. Do you have to ask why?

Yes, someone, perhaps a student, made a threat involving a gun. Though the school complex remained open, law enforcement presence there was beefed up.

Both local and county law enforcement agencies were investigating the situation on Monday. There were reports it involved a threat made by a student.

Whatever the reason for the threat, decisive, severe action needs to be taken. If the student involved has emotional problems requiring treatment, he should get it.

If, on the other hand, the student was not serious about harming others but merely wanted to shake things up at his school, he should be disciplined harshly.

School safety needs to be taken seriously by everyone involved, and that includes students who think prank threats are funny. They are not — and if that message has not sunk in yet, perhaps a long suspension or even an expulsion would help.

Every time school and law enforcement authorities have to deal with a fake threat, the risk becomes greater that they will not handle a real one effectively. That means spurious comments about bringing guns to school cannot be dismissed with the old excuse that “boys will be boys.”