Threats Require Swift Reactions

The mass murder of 17 people, most of them students, at a Florida high school last month probably could have been prevented. A substantial number of people seem to have been aware the man accused in the killings was deeply enough disturbed to be capable of homicides.

But no one with the authority to prevent the massacre did anything to keep it from happening.

Fast forward a few days after the Florida tragedy, to Bridgeport High School on Friday, Feb. 23. A juvenile male made a threat involving “someone shooting” at BHS. By the evening when that occurred, another student had gone to school officials. They alerted law enforcement.

On the next day of classes, Monday, Feb. 26, law enforcement officers were at the school in force. Steps had been taken to ensure students at the Bridgeport school complex were kept safe.

Now, the authorities are considering filing charges against the boy who made the allegedly threatening comment.

There is very little probability he actually intended to harm anyone. Much more likely is that the lad simply was not thinking about the impact of what he said. It may have been a prank.

But from the first student who went to school authorities on up to how educators and law enforcement agencies reacted, everyone involved did the right thing.

This is not a “pat on the back” for them. Far from it. Again, they simply reacted appropriately.

Our point is that we live in a time when potentially threatening behavior cannot be dismissed as harmless.

Too many people did just that in Florida.

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