Wells Township Levy May Be Vital

No one likes paying higher taxes. But most people do not enjoy major cutbacks in public services, including road repair, either.

Trustees of Wells Township in Jefferson County have agreed to seek approval of a 1.2-mill property tax levy during the November election. Voters should give it careful consideration.

Blame loss of property tax revenue from the Cardinal Power Plant for the problem. By one estimate, the township’s income has been cut by $216,556 a year. That forced trustees to cut spending by 10 percent.

Voters turned down a 1.2-mill levy in May. The ramifications of that are likely to be seen this summer. For one thing, trustees may not have enough money to make all needed repairs to township roads.

If voters are willing to live with reduced services from the township, fine. Additional revenue is not necessary.

But simple arithmetic makes it clear that without the levy, something will have to give.