Getting Levy Center Back

For many local parents, the Augusta Levy Learning Center in Wheeling has been a critical resource for autistic children. Now, however, the facility’s future is uncertain.

Once housed in the old Sacred Heart Church in Wheeling, the learning center became homeless Saturday, when fire ripped through the building. Some materials, including students’ binders, were saved. A substantial amount was lost, however.

Today had been scheduled for resumption of classes at the center, which currently serves about 20 students. They and staff members had been on a two-week summer break.

Instead of classes, however, the day will be one in which staff members discuss what to do about the disaster.

Recovery, as quickly as possible, is important to the learning center’s students.

For years, the center has received an enormous amount of community support. That is in recognition of the critical role the facility plays in our community.

Here’s hoping that tradition of support will extend to helping find a new home, at least temporarily, for the Augusta Levy Learning Center. Surely some way can be found to avoid letting down the nearly two score children who, in some ways, rely heavily on the facility and its dedicated, capable staff.