Helping Pay Cost Of New Footbridge

An anonymous donor making a sizable contribution through Wheeling Jesuit University has solved a problem for both WJU students and other Wheeling residents.

As a result of deterioration of the span, the footbridge linking the city’s Lennox and Pleasanton neighborhoods was closed in December. The estimated cost of replacing the bridge, $170,000, was a problem for city officials.

It is no longer, thanks to the donor, who has agreed to cover most of the cost. City Manager Robert Herron said the city may seek help from the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley to pay the remainder.

It is good news that city officials expect the bridge to be replaced later this year. It also is pleasant to learn of the plan to pay for it.

However, though the full cost would have strained the municipal budget, kicking in some money should be feasible. Surely the city can afford $10,000 or $20,000 for the bridge, if the full price cannot be covered otherwise.

The bridge is an asset to the neighborhood and to many WJU students, after all. That makes it worth some financial support by the city.