Let the Public See the Proposal

Members of the Ohio County Board of Education this week tabled action on a proposed new policy being referred to as one on “student supervision and relationships with staff.” At least some members want to give the recommendation more thought.

Apparently they do not want to think about the public’s opinion of the policy, however. The proposal’s wording has not been made public. Our reporter was told that would happen after the document is adopted.

During their meeting Monday night, board members were scheduled to take action on the new rules and guidelines. But new board member Molly Aderholt asked for a postponement. She thinks changes are needed.

“Is it going far enough?” she asked. “Should we discourage social media contact as well?”

Well, perhaps so. More than a few improper contacts between students and school staff members involve social media.

Members of the public — it is our children and grandchildren affected, after all — ought to be given a chance to weigh in on the proposed policy. Good ideas may be offered. Flaws not spotted by school officials may be pointed out.

That will not happen as long as the board keeps the recommendations under wraps. They ought to be put out for public comment.


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